Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas …

… May your days be Merry and Bright …

I know the holidays can be as stressful as they are joyful so be sure to take some time for a little self-care this time of year. For those of you who know me, suggesting you slip away for a quick orgasm here and there won’t come as a surprise *winks*

Truth is, though, that release can help reduce stress and tension, give you a healthy glow, and help you sleep better.

Exercise, meditation or even slipping into a hot shower (or bath) will relax you, body and soul. Sip some tea; enjoy warm cider with a bit of rum; read or listen to music; engage in any activity that will help you escape the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

Don’t forget to slow down and be present! Savor the small moments … they mean the most when all is said and done.

A little bit of naughty and a little bit a nice … a perfect blend to ensure your holidays are pleasant and stress free. If you need a little nudge in the right direction, come find me on TTM this weekend.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas …


IMPORTANT: Contact Form

katherine snow calling card

It’s come to my attention that my Contact Form hasn’t been functional for the last couple of weeks!

First, my most sincere apologies to anyone who has attempted to reach me … I can’t imagine how rude you must have been thinking I was when I didn’t reply back *blushes*

Trust me … I take great pride in my care and attention of not only current clients, but potential new ones as well.

I am having the issue resolved and the form should be functional in no time! I’ll post an update as soon as it’s done and I hope you’ll reach out again. I would love to hear from you and I assure a prompt reply!

Until later …


Toys, Toys and more Toys


Oh how I love my toys! Not only are they a great addition to self-pleasuring, but the right toy can significantly add an element of playfulness to your lovemaking as well as increase not only your pleasure, but that of your partner’s. Whether giving or receiving, or both, the addition of a toy can greatly enhance to entire experience from start to ohhhhh so blissful finish.

With the holiday shopping season about to begin, why not consider buying a new toy (or two) for you and/or your partner? The month ahead will likely be stressful enough … what better way to reduce the stress and anxiety of the hustle and bustle?

One of my absolute favorite sites is Good Vibrations … it’s a woman friendly sex toy store that not only has quality toys (so very important!) but provides an abundance of sex educations products too!

Some of my favorites?


ORIGINAL Magic Wand …

1-1-AB-BE01-2PLEASE Lubricant … by far, the best creamy lubricant that has staying power and is gentle on sensitive parts!


The Stonic Eins Pulsator … one word … DAMN! *waggles*



Uber Lube …


These are just a few of my favorites! Be sure to check back often for reviews, additions and even new on new products!

Why not browse the site with your partner? You can pick out something together whether it’s a toy, a video or both!



Until next time …




Winter is coming …

As I sit here in my parlor, editing a few new erotic audios, a cold wind blows and a storm creeps slowly in, bringing to mind one of my favorite verses …

“I let down my silken hair over my shoulders

and open my thighs over my lover…

Winter skies are cold and low, with harsh winds and freezing sleet.

But when we make love beneath our quilt,

we make three summer months of heat.”

~ Tzu Yeh ~

May you generate some heat this chilly night …


 P.S. For those of you who’ve been asking, yes! I am going to be offering custom erotic audios and custom erotica soon! Details will be forthcoming shortly!

stir up a little MISCHIEF toNIGHT …

Day of the Dead

Copyright Katherine Snowe 2014

A long time lover of all things Halloween, this is one of my favorite times of the year. Halloween is the one time of year you can [legitimately] dress up and pretend to be someone else, be it spooky, sassy, sexy or spectral!

The origins of Mischief Night seem to date back to 16th century Britain and Ireland. As centuries passed, Mischief Night saw many transformations and the night, and its shenanigans as we know them now, bear little resemblance to the days of old.

According to my research, Mischief Night is also known as Hell Night, Cabbage Night, Gate Night, Mizzy Night, Miggy Night, Egg Nyte and Devil’s Night, and any/all of them annual traditions in parts of England, Canada and the U.S.

The most familiar date for Mischief Night in the U.S. is October 30th, the day before Halloween. However, traditionally Mischief Night in Britain is November 4th, the night before Bonfire Night. This is the night, in 1605, that Guy Fawkes was caught trying to blow up the House of Lords.

October has seen its fair share of Halloween related blogs, including eloquent musings of all things that go bump in the night, folklore and even tasty recipes.

Halloween is steeped in traditions, old and new. I’ve always loved traditions, especially creating new ones. Mischief Night is typically a night for stirring up mischief, but mischief comes in so many guises – and given I write erotica, I found myself pondering all sorts of mischievous thoughts.

Passion. Desire. Romance. If you ask me, any one of those, or a combination thereof, would make the perfect treat.

We all have hectic, stressful lives to varying degrees, but when was the last time you were a little naughty with your partner? Or yourself for that matter?

That’s my challenge to you. Join me in starting a new tradition – ‘stir up a little MISCHIEF toNIGHT’ – give yourself permission to be a little mischievous.

Whether you’re moved by a whipped cream inspired nibble on the neck; have the urge to send a sexy text guaranteed to stir something up; serve up a decadent treat in bed (or anywhere else, for that matter); read a sexy bedtime story out loud; or engage in a little Halloween-inspired role playing of your own – the outcome will surely be a treat!

Another thought … why limit yourself to one night a year? Why not set your own Mischief Night date once a month – one night (even if it’s just an hour or two) where you can step out of your own skin and be whoever or whatever you want for a little while?

Need a little inspiration? Check out some of my favorite sites …


The Art of the Quickie – Quickly …

By now we all know the health benefits one garners from orgasm but did you know that you can reap similar benefits even if you don’t reach climax?

As if you were looking for one before, now there’s no excuse not to indulge in a little quickie … whether it’s with a partner or just yourself.

Not only will you decrease stress, improve sexual desire and boost your mood, you’ll rejuvenate your entire being, body and soul.

Most of us are suffering from an overbooked life – between balancing work, family, school, outside relationships and/or social obligations, we barely have time to exercise or get even the required hours of sleep we need, no less garner a fulfilling sex life.

Truth is, too often, sex can fall by the wayside as an indulgence we convince ourselves we simply don’t have the time for. Sadly, it’s often the case but it shouldn’t be … not when we know damn well just how good even small vignettes of physical indulgence can be for us.

I don’t know about you, but in my opinion, it’s time for a revolution.

I already indulge in the practice of near daily orgasms (without any guilt) and I can tell you doing so has changed my life. I feel better all around – sexier, more in touch with my own body which feels fully awake, responsive and aroused. My skin looks amazing, my eyes have a wicked glint and I sleep better.

Granted, having an orgasm isn’t the end all – sometimes the act of simply indulging your senses, stirring up your arousal and igniting a deeper burn in enough to garner a sense of well being, as well as the excitement of things to come for you and/or your partner.

Keep in mind a quickie is just that … quick. Fast and furious; intense and immediate; a stolen moment in our hectic days (or nights) to declare “I have to have you now!” and do just that … right then and there.

Try not to plan too far in advance but perhaps do so just enough so you’re wearing ‘easy access’ clothing and you’ve taken a little time to start turning each other on by stealing a passionate kiss; sending suggestive texts messages to one another; initiating a sexy phone call, or sharing snippets of erotica.

So why not join me?  In the months to come, I will encourage you to pursue a quickie at least once a week, either with a partner or as a solo endeavor. With a little nudging, like company and creative suggestions, you too will reap the rewards.

Together, over time, we shall endeavor to master the Art of the Quickie …